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With our user experience and website design services, we strive to create the most usable and elegant digital products possible. As soon as business objectives are agreed on and a clear picture around audiences as well as context has been established we’lldevelop a data-led, highly engaging and converting design concept. With over 10 years combined management experience, we are confident to not only manage expectations but exceed them through our award-winning user experience design services.

What is User Experience (UX) Design?

User experience design or UX design is the process of creating products (pages, applications or websites) that provide meaningful and engaging user experiences. This involves designing the entire user journey from acquiring, owning, developing and integrating the product, including all aspects of branding, design, usability and functionality.

Great products such as the iPad are thus designed with not only the user experience in mind but the entire mentioned process. User experience design doesn’t only focus on usability, aspects such as efficiency and mood need to be considered as well. There isn’t a single definition of good user experience as it is all defined by a specific context where someone is using a product.

Since user experience design covers the entire user journey, it’s a multidisciplinary challenge where designers need to show expertise in a variety of fields such as design, programming and even psychology. The typical steps a UX designer takes to design a product include industry research, creating personas and journey maps, designing wireframes and prototypes as well as some sort of testing analysis.

Inspired by data and experience

At UPtimiser, we develop data-led digital products that are not only focused on the actual user experience but taking into consideration the whole process, from acquiring, developing, owning and integrated the final product.

Some of the most important UX tasks we typically provide:

  • Personas Analysis
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • User Testing

  Our process geared to deliver powerful UX Design results  

Personas Analysis

This is really the first step that a promising design process needs. Building user personas to identify needs, expectations and understand requirements. This is crucial to eliminate all major misconceptions between users, designers and developers.

Competitor Analysis

Identifying your target market and analysing your main competitors will help to get a clear picture of current user experience benchmarks. By analysing your competitor’s strength and weaknesses it is much easier to develop some sort of competitive advantage.

Scenario Mapping

Capturing UI components, layout scenarios and designs which best align with your users and brand identity will be initiated through this step. A collection of screens connected and structured together will provide a great overview for further planning.


Describing the key workflow scenarios and making sure a functional user experience is created based on real user test results is the main goal here. Staying close to agreed user personas is vital to not get lost along the way.

Design Mockups

There are several components which need to be considered so all expectations will be met at the implementation stage. Detailed design mockups consist of fonts, sizes, flows, whitespaces, colours and imagery as well as animation specifications.

Metric Analysis

By using analytics tools such as Google Analytics we can understand how users are engaging and behaving on the new product. This allows us to not develop real data facts and calculate an ROI but also look for ways to improve.



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