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With our influencer marketing services, we deliver brand awareness & engagement instantly. As soon as campaign objectives are agreed on we will source suitable key industry influencers and deliver ROI focused campaigns. With over 10 years combined management experience, we are confident to not only increase brand awareness but also generate engagement through our innovative influencer marketing services.

What is Influencer Marketing?

In simply terms influencer marketing is the action of having opinion leaders, who have the reach and capacity to raise awareness,promote a brands products or services. It might be a trendy term but it has been a very successful marketing tactic for many years. Athletes, celebrities and opinion leaders have partnered up with brands for a very long time but what has made influencer marketing so different in today’s world is how social media has changed the game and given anyone a platform to share their story. Really anyone who is connected to the world wide web can share their opinion and content and if done well enough they become an influencer in their respective niche.

With the latest technology in smartphones anyonecan produce decent quality photos and videos today something whichonly a decade ago was only possible through expensive equipment and editing. The most successful influencers have a strong persona and a highly targeted theme attracting thousands some even millions of followers. Due to their massive social popularity and reach it provides the perfect opportunity for brands to engageand have suitable influencers promote their products and services.

It’s all about brand exposure

UPtimiser helps brands to leverage top influencers, such as vloggers, bloggers and social media opinion leaders. We develop and execute bespoke influencer campaigns to amplify brand stories and reach millions of people.

Our 4 steps to a successful influencer campaign:

  • Source: Identify the right influencers based on your campaign goals
  • Create: Turn your brand into a stunning visual story
  • Manage: Manage the process of working with identified influencers
  • Measure: Analyse how your campaign is performing



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