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With our community management services, we deliver engagement & growth instantly. As soon as community objectives are agreed on we will immediately manage social accounts. With over 10 years combined management experience, we are confident to not only manage engagement but also generate growth and sales through our innovative community management services.

What is Community management?

Community management is all about social relationships and how your brand interacts with your community in the online space. While community management should be a key part of any social media strategy, engaging with your growing community becomes critical to build long-term business relationships and an optimal brand experience.

While “Community” might suggest your audience is located at a single location it is actually spread all over the web: from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, Blogs to even the comment sections of news articles. So your community consists of existing and potential customers as well as all people who interact with your brand directly or indirectly online.

Since 2014 customer complaints on social media have increased by 10 times so the negative impact of poor community management could be enormous. A single dissatisfied & non-engaged customer has a voice that carriers to others through word-of-mouth, commenting on community platforms or sharing screenshots. But the same goes for satisfied customers and by managing your community you’ll get more of those.

It’s all about your social relationships

Whether your digital marketing strategy includes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or any number of special interest sites, your brands success will be highly linked to establish an engaged and growing audience online. At UPtimiser we work with client marketing teams to understand brand objectives, leverage social marketing initiatives and define strategic communication frameworks to keep your audience engaged and growing.

Our community management pillars include:

• Monitoring: Tracking conversations which relate to your brand
• Engaging: Proactively engage with customers and prospects
• Moderating: Troubleshoot customer complaints and suggestions
• Measuring: Analyse how your brand is perceived and measure sentiment



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