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With our multilingual SEO optimisationservices we help clients to radically improve their business potential by making them not only rank better in other languages but consequently help to increase organic traffic, leads and sales. As a result, a well optimised multilingual website, following Google’s best practice guidelines creates a highly visibly platform. At UPtimiser wedeliver killer multilingual & regional SEO strategies, so that our clients website search engine listings come up in different languages & markets.

What is Multilingual SEO?

Multilingual SEO is the process of creating or optimising content for multiple languages or locations. With only about one quarter of web users being native English-speaks and the majority of user putting more trust in websites written in their own native language multilingual SEO has become a more important aspect of online marketing.

Targeting users by specific location gives businesses the option to boost organic search performance by setting up separate country level domains (for example instead of .com). As Googles search engine algorithm places great importance on location as well as content relevance, having a dedicated country domain will guarantee increase rankings and organic search traffic. Ensuring the local website is hosted on a server physically located within that market will increase rankings even further.

Country level domains also allow businesses to provide tailored content specific for that country and culture, customized keyword & content strategies can be developed catering to your audience search queries. A geographically localized keyword optimised site will also face less local competition, allowing websites to achieve higher organic search rankings much faster. Especially E-commerce websites should also consider that customers tend to trust and prefer to order from companies which are considered to be within their country so

Speaking Your Customers Language
Multilingual SEO

Search engines especially Google provide language versions for several multilingual markets. If a country has more than one official or spoken language, Google will offer specific language results based on user search behaviour. For example, if a user in Hong Kong searches for “Digital Marketing Agency” in English and another in Cantonese, search results will be customized for both languages. Depending on industry & customer data it is crucial to understand in what language searches are conducted and if necessary a dedicated language version should be developed.

Our Multilingual SEO Expertise


First we will propose a URL structure that follows Googles best-practice guidelines. Either we will create a dedicated sub-folder that will target the country or language (example, a sub-domain (example or a dedicated country level domain (example


Href lang tags help Google to understand language and/or country that each specific domain/page targets. A mapping of all included pages is required to make sure all tags are correctly implemented in the source-code of each page. Implementing these tags will help Google to index the correct local versions


In order to improve rankings it is advisable to create internal links between corresponding pages for specific languages and or country domains.


To avoid misleading search engines about correct languages and locations they should never be placed in a single page. A common practice is to only use a single language per page and to use multilingual friendly URL structure.



All SEO projects begin with a full and thorough website audit, enabling all of a site’s errors and opportunities to be identified and allowing us to estimate correct actions and timeframe.


The technical foundation of a website is key for optimal search engine indexation. From website speed, crawling access and code are all following Google’s best practice. Read More…


Launching a start-up is a huge task all on its own. While it can be a challenge to factorSEO into the mix, it’s an incredibly important part of digital marketing. Read More…


Optimisation of all possible on-page elements such as title, meta and heading tags as well as making sure page structure follows Googles best practice. Read More…


Outreach activities are in integral pillar of any SEO strategy whether curating contextual links, fixing broken links or running a competitor link audit. Read More…


To minimise risk preparation is key. Opportunities are identified through competitor analysis and the wider search landscape.

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