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Everyone at UPtimiser is passionate about SEO and dedicated in helping clients to improve rankings, drive traffic and increase sales. To achieve this,we continuously probe Googles algorithm through experiments making us the most innovative SEO agency in Hong Kong.

We offer clients tailor-made SEO solutions built around clear defined business goals and expectations. Instead of using an off the shelf formula, we’ll take the time to fully understand our client’s business and develop comprehensive and personalised SEO strategies in Hong Kong and beyond.

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What is SEO and why do I need it?

SEO is a combination of tactics & disciplines that help search engines find and trust your website, organize the information you are displaying, and present it to users searching for it.

Summarized it involves conducting keyword research to first determine what your audience is looking for. Second, making sure content has those keywords incorporatedin a natural and useful way. And last, promoting the content so it gets shared and linked by other websites to increase your contents ranking authority.

Why does my business need SEO?

Internet users rely on Google to answer search queries and to find all sorts of information. If you provide valuable information and make it easy for search engines to find and organize it, search engines will reward your website with higher organic rankings which translates into higher visibility. This increased exposure means more organic visitors to your website.

Since search engines return query results to users who are actively searching for terms or phrases, getting to the top of organic rankings means you’re providing information to serve a user intent in the most natural way. Unlike advertising, you aren’t trying to push information in front of users who might not be interested at the time. In simple terms you are serving an active audience and don’t have to pay to get your message to them.

Overall, Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most effective and sustainable ways to build your websites online presence.

Page One The Holy Grail

Google is the biggest search engine in the world and it’s data tells a compelling story:

– Listings on the first page of search results reap 80% of Google’s internet traffic
– 35% of total organic traffic is taken by the listing ranking at number one
– Only 1 in 4 users scroll past the first page of the search results.

  Our process geared to deliver powerful SEO results

SEO Audit

An SEO site audit is a thorough analysis of every little element that may affect a websites visibility in search engines. The aim of any assessment is to understandsa websites technical foundation, crucial errors and opportunities, it’s benchmark organic performance as well as existing content assets and their level of optimisation.

Keyword Research

Competitive keyword research and analysis are the foundation of any SEO strategy. UPtimiser’s approach begins by capturing all potentially relevant search queries, and then, through application of a variety of data filters, cutting down that keyword universe to a final set of target keywords (blueprint) calculated to provide the biggest performance return.

On-Page Optimisation

As one of the most important ranking factors, on-page SEO has to be done thoroughly. This discipline includes optimisation of all possible on-page SEO elements, from meta title, to heading and description tags, to image optimisation and deep linking.

Off-Page Optimisation

Off-site SEO, besides curating great backlinks, consists of conducting link audits, fixing broken links, reaching out to bloggers and PR activities. Whatever your business goals or industry at UPtimiser we excel at data driven, performance orientated and targeted outreach projects.


Measuring SEO efforts is crucial to understand ROI and if agreed strategy is delivering projected results. UPtimiser provides its clients with monthly reports which include a set of the most relevant KPIs – rankings, traffic, conversion rate and revenue.


Once historical data is available, tactics can be updated toimprove performance and achieve maximum ROI. At UPtimiser we believe in a data lead approach, constantly trying to find ways to improve our clients websites performance.



All SEO projects begin with a full and thorough website audit, enabling all of a site’s errors and opportunities to be identified and allowing us to estimate correct actions and timeframe.


The technical foundation of a website is key for optimal search engine indexation. From website speed, crawling access and code are all following Google’s best practice. Read More…


Outreach activities are in integral pillar of any SEO strategy whether curating contextual links, fixing broken links or running a competitor link audit.
Read More…


Optimisation of all possible on-page elements such as title, meta and heading tags as well as making sure page structure follows Googles best practice. Read More…


Local businesses require this discipline for optimal exposure & visibility. Recommended tactics include my business profile management, directory and review management. Read More…


To minimise risk preparation is key. Opportunities are identified through competitor analysis and the wider search landscape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the practice of optimising your website to increase the quantity and quality of your traffic through non-paid search engine results. When you first consider doing SEO, your website might be ranking on the 4th page of Google for relevant keyword searches. After optimising your website for a longer period, ideally 6-12 month, you should start seeing your website rankings for relevant keyword searches improve.

How do we do SEO?

As SEO requires a holistic approach to achieve maximum performance results we optimise all user and ranking relevant areas of a website. In general, there are six main disciplines within SEO…Technical, On-Page, Content, Link Building, Local and User Experience. After running an initial website analysis and developing a customized strategy we apply a combination of different tactics from different disciplines to provide meaningful optimisation results.

How long will it take to increase my rankings?

SEO efforts require time, depending on the status of your website, the actual optimisation work required, the competitiveness of your industry and the crawl frequency of Googles spiders, it typically takes 3-12 month before seeing any promising results. The first couple of month are dedicated to making best practice technical as well as on-page updates to your website and submitting all these changes to Googles Search Console via submission of an updated XML sitemap.

How much does SEO cost?

The cost of SEO comes down to two main factors, the industry you are competing in (e.g. florists in Wan Chai or banking services in all Hong Kong) and the size and strength of your website (e.ga new blog with 10 pages and little written content vs. a legacy eCommerce platform with over 2000 pages and interactive content and tools). Most of our clients are spending between HK$8,000.00-HK$25,000.00 per month depending on competitiveness of their industry and achievable ROI.

What about SEO packages for $99 per month?

These packages are usually using shady black-hat SEO tactics where backlinks are automatically added through a software or hidden script is inserted into pages putting your website at risk of being penalized by Google and removed from their index. We’ve seen several cases where these packages have harmed our client’s website short and long term.

Can we guarantee number 1 rankings?

We cannot guarantee something they we cannot control, and beware of companies that claim otherwise. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and evolving so guaranteeing number 1 rankings would simply be unethical. We do have years of experience successfully improving rankings for clients some even to number 1 rankings. We always provide meaningful and ethical recommendations with the aim to get to the top of Google as quickly as possible.

Why won’t my website rank?

There could be several reasons why your website isn’t ranking. If you’ve attempted SEO efforts in the past you might just haven’t done them correctly or within a super competitive industry. There could also be an active Google penalty placed on your website making it impossible for you to see any rankings. Further investigation would be required to determine the exact cause for this.

Can you get me ranked for terms such as “lawyer” or “personal trainer”?

Generic search terms are highly competitive and optimisation efforts are extremely costly and time intensive. Another reason we usually advise against going after generic terms, they usually don’t convert well. If you are personal trainer in Kennedy town it is more cost effective and efficient to go after search queries that relate to the location of your work.

Why should I continue SEO once I've gotten great rankings?

Achieving your desired first page rankings is only half the job. As Googles ranking algorithm is constantly updated and evolving, rankings might fluctuate form one day to another requiring on-going support. Maintaining achieved first page rankings might not be as challenging as working on new ones but constant tracking is required to avoid loss of rankings.

Should I start SEO before or after my website is built?

Considering SEO efforts before and during website build can improve the long-term outcome of your website significantly. Strategic planning around page structure, content and keywords will help to improve the overall performance of the website from day one and will reduce cost for on-going SEO services. Having an SEO consultant at your side during the built will assure all best practice ranking components are included.

Hong Kong’s Best SEO Company

Our approach to search engine optimisation is straight forward, we develop SEO strategies based on the nature of your website, how your customers engage differently from desktop vs mobile, how they find on search engines and the search experience they have once they landed on your website. With these principles in mind, we drive not only rankings and traffic but measurable engagement results such as conversions, leads and sales.

At UPtimiser we help small businesses and brands to get to the top of search engine results, positioning your website directly in front of your customers. We always aim to get you to very top in order to increase your chances in generating more organic search traffic leads and sales. Our team of experienced SEO consultants understand that hard data leads to a greater ROI. We, therefore use a variety of industry leading insights & analytics tools to provide meaningful reports, giving our clients complete transparency into how and where budgets are spent and what ROI has been achieved.

Leading SEO Consultant Services

We pride ourselves on being Hong Kong’s leading SEO services company. From day one our aim is to exceed client expectations and deliver tangible organic search improvements. We work intelligently on comprehensive SEO strategies to deliver organic search results, even once front-page results have been achieved we’re dedicated to helping you improve the search experience on your website, make recommendations around content and conversion improvements in order to drive more traffic, leads and sales.

Our competitive edge is the fact that our SEO team comprises some of the most experienced search engine optimisation professionals in the market some with over 10 years of international experience. We are also always on top of the latest industry trends and run several workshops and conferences each year. While many established agencies stick to what they know, we’re constantly innovating to expand our strategies with cutting-edge ideas.

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