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With our Google Remarketing advertising services, we show targeted ads to users who have already visited websites. As soon as budgets and banner designs to use are decided we will go live immediately. With over 10 years combined Google Remarketing management experience, we are confident to generate leads and sales through our innovative PPC search advertising services.

What is Google Remarketing and how does it work?

Google Remarketing is a highly effective way to connect with website visitors who may not have made an immediate purchase or conversion. It allows advertisers to publish targeted ads in front of previous visitors as they browse other websites around the web, watching YouTube videos or reading news sites – keeping brands top-of-mind and attracting users to return.

Google Remarketing also referred to as retargeting, can dramatically increase conversion rates and ROI as it is much more likely for past site visitors who are already familiar with a website to convert or complete targeted actions on a site.

All it takes is a piece of code also knows as tags or pixels which are added to websites so that visitors will be added to remarketing audiences through browser cookies. Codes can be customized for different pages to correspond to more defined categories.

For example, a website operates an e-commerce store that sells sport shoes. A remarketing audience for a specific type of shoe “running shoes” will be created for people who visited the pages where running shoes are sold. This way highly targeted ads that promote running shoes can be served to a defined group of visitors.

Reach bounced visitors with Google Remarketing

At UPtimiser we provide clients with remarketing campaigns that deliver more impressions and convert more previous visitors into customers. We customize campaigns so that clients stay in control and know exactly what their previous visitors see and where they see it across the web.

Some of the remarketing services we offer:

⦁ Standard display remarketing.
⦁ Remarketing for mobile apps.
⦁ Video remarketing.
⦁ Remarketing lists for search ads.



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