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Amir Nada

UPtimiser Founder

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Hong Kong’s Leading Google AdWords Management Services

With our Google AdWords advertising services, we deliver top page visibility instantly. As soon as budgets, keywords to advertise on and landing pages to use are decided we will go live immediately. With over 10 years combined Google AdWords management experience, we are confident to generate leads and sales through our innovative PPC search advertising services.


UPtimiser Pricing Plans

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HKD 3,750.00

per month

  • Up to $15,000 monthly Ads Budget
  • Up to 400 keywords in campaign
  • $7,450.00 one-time setup fee

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Acquisition Engine
22% of Ads Budget

per month

  • $15,000 to $120,000 monthly Ads spend
  • Up to 2,000 keywords in campaign
  • $12,000.00 one-time setup fee

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Market Leader
15% of Ads Budget

per month

  • $120,000+ monthly Ads spend
  • Up to 10,000 keywords in campaign
  • $19,495.00 one-time setup fee

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USD $480.00

per month

  • Up to $2,000 monthly Ads Budget
  • Up to 400 keywords in campaign
  • $950.00 one-time setup fee

and get one month free*

Acquisition Engine
22% of Ads Budget

per month

  • $2,000 to $15,000 monthly Ads spend
  • Up to 2,000 keywords in campaign
  • $1,550.00 one-time setup fee

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Market Leader
15% of Ads Budget

per month

  • $15,000+ monthly Ads spend
  • Up to 10,000 keywords in campaign
  • $2,495.00 one-time setup fee

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What is Google AdWords and how does it work?

Google AdWords is Google’s very own advertising platform in which advertisers can bid on keywords which will lead for their search ads to appear in search result pages. It is how Google makes money from its search engine as paid search ads are subject to a charge if someone clicks on them.

Depending on keyword competitiveness and relevancy of identified keywords to real conversions, AdWords can be extremely effective for many types of businesses, as long as budgets are spend based on keyword and campaign insights.

How does AdWords bidding work?

The actual position of any search ad is determined by Google’s ad rank – maximum bid times quality score. The highest ad rank gets the highest ad position, the actual cost per click is calculated by the ad rank of the next highest ad below divided by the ads quality score. Only exception is for only bidder ads or lowest bid for any given keyword. Google also penalizes advertisers with low quality scores on the other hand those with high quality scores get higher ad ranks and lower cost per clicks.

It’s all about ROI

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It’s all about ROI

We take care of every crucial step in the AdWords process. Before we even set up clients AdWords account, our team of AdWords experts analyses suitable keywords and then advise on the ones that will get the most clicks, leads and sales. With our managed Google AdWords campaigns, ads always reach customers.

In our Google AdWords review we’ll show:

⦁ How to significantly reduce cost per click.
⦁ How to create high conversion landing pages.
⦁ The top 5 mistakes people make in Google AdWords.
⦁ How to turn Google AdWords from an expense into an investment.

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Campaign Process

Let’s take a look at how we build a Rockstar ad campaign.
icon step8 - Google AdWordsMarket Research & Campaign TrackingWe will conduct a full day of market research, looking at your target customer profiles for your business and pairing that with a comprehensive keyword research deliverable in order to confidently know which ads we will be delivering to which future customers. We will research by specific areas based on income as well as other audience areas to ensure that we are building a thorough campaign strategy while collaborating with your web team to set up conversion pixels and goals through Google Analytics.
icon seg - Google AdWordsSegmentationAfter our research is complete, our team will spend another full day building out all your firm’s ad groups, ad types, ad sets and individual ads themselves. Different audiences will be grouped together based on similar characteristics so that each ad shown is as relevant as possible. This saves you money, improves your conversion rate, and gives you insight into which ads and audiences are performing the best.
icon copy - Google AdWordsCopywritingWe will then have our copywriters curate perfectly persuasive messages for each audience and ad segment to yet again maximize relevancy and clickthrough rates. We will implement specific language that will draw in relevant clicks for business and services and weed out the time-wasting “curiosity clicks” currently plaguing the campaign.
Here’s how we’ll maximize every single dollar invested in this campaign.
icon bid - Google AdWordsBid OptimisationOur management team will review your campaign performance in real time. Ads that are performing well for your firm’s high revenue services will see increases in their budget allocation, while poor performers will be reduced or even eliminated. Bid optimization will occur across all ad channels, audiences, and keywords.
icon keyword - Google AdWordsKeyword ReviewSpecific attention will be given to keyword performance throughout the campaign. Successful keywords for your firm’s campaign will be extensively researched to find even more long-tail variations, with attention given to shorthand and conversational search terms.
icon perf - Google AdWordsPerformance TrackingWe will be watching this campaign all the way through, not just on the front end. We will be constantly monitoring your Google Analytics website goals to find out which ads are driving the most leads for your products/ services and building an ongoing strategy around these winning campaigns.
We’ll figure out what’s working and strategically scale.
icon funnel - Google AdWordsFunnel AnalysisEvery week we will take a high-level look at all campaign components. We will track visitor behaviour at each stage of your product funnel and determine where the most optimization can occur. We will ensure that the majority of leads entering the funnel are interested in your services and that they are converting into clients at a sustainable rate.
icon master - Google AdWordsMastered InnovationWhy hire Adwords experts instead of keeping everything in-house? Two words: Experience and innovation. We have run hundreds of campaigns, so spending a small amount of your ad spend to make sure your budget gets maximized is a no-brainer. We have managed law firm accounts in the past and currently have an opening to manage your ads (we only manage one client in one local market at a time to avoid conflict of interest).
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With 90% of search in Hong Kong performed on Google, AdWords should be the core part of any paid media strategy. Driven by ROI, our digital marketing experts provide results driven AdWords campaign management. Read More…


Googles Display Network gives users access to a huge range of websites from every industry possible. Wherever target audiences are congregating online, CAP can help to get your brand messaging across via display advertising. Read More…


YouTube is the fastest growing advertising platform and more and more advertisers are leaving TV as this platform offers a much higher ROI. With its ability to target specific types of audiences accurately and its smart click pay principles it offers businesses endless opportunities. Read More…


Remarketing gives you some great opportunities around serving hyper-targeted messaging to previous site visitors as they navigate across subsequent placements and platforms. Read More…


Google shopping ads are designed to allow you to display product images, descriptions and pricesstraight above the search result page. With top positioning Google Shopping cards are crucial for any retailer’s online success. Read More…


CAP uses high impact and conversion focused mobile advertising with mobile specific ad copy messaging for maximum engagement. Our mobile ad campaigns generate not only clicks but also conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is by far the most targeted and effective form of advertising. By displaying relevant ads above Google search results your products and services are put directly in front of potential customers. Additionally, with Google AdWords you can set up conversion tracking which gives you full transparency about return of investment. If you compare this to traditional forms of advertising such as print or radio, it is very hard to measure performance.

Isn’t Google AdWords a waste of money?

Usually when we hear such opinions, the root cause is due to bad experiences with questionable providers. Running ads without knowing how to use the platform can result in losing money fast. When we onboard new clients we usually save up to 50% of their ad spend within days as they are usually serving ads for a very broad selection of search terms. Besides with our conversion & landing page optimisation tactics we almost always reduce cost per clicks.

Can’t I just run my AdWords in house?

Of course, you can run your search marketing campaigns in house, but re-read the previous answer first. If you don’t have the expertise working on Google AdWords campaigns and know all technical features of its platform your campaigns might not deliver the maximum return of investment. A well optimised AdWords campaign structure could easily save up to 400% on your cost per click performance.

Do I need an agency to manage my AdWords account?

Google is a great organisation but when you call their helpline it is very unlikely to get the same person back on the line or any in-depth account support for things as conversion tracking or cost per click optimisation. As mentioned above we usually save up to 50% ad spent when onboarding new clients so working with a reputable agency such as UPtimiser has obvious benefits.

For what companies do you manage AdWords campaigns for?

Most of our clients are small businesses such as lawyers, doctors, restaurants, software companies, real estate agencies, accountants, movers, plumbers, locksmiths, gyms and the list goes on and on. We work with SMEs and international brands that want leads through Google search. Some of our clients spend as little as HK$5,000.00 per month while other clients spend as much as HK$50,000.00 per month.

How much do you charge for Google AdWords management?

At UPtimiser we charge a one-time setup fee and a monthly management fee. Our fees are unique to each client and specific account requirements, but generally we work for a monthly management fee of 20%-30% of what our clients spend each month on Google AdWords.

Do you make clients sign contracts?

In most cases we do not make clients sign any contracts. Each month our clients get to decide if we are adding enough value to continue our partnership. Most of our clients have been with us for over 2 years and keep us as their preferred AdWords campaign managers. Only clients who want to claim 1 free month of AdWords account management have to commit to a 6-month retainer.

How do you stay up to date with AdWords and continue to improve?

Managing multiple AdWords accounts for hundreds of different clients surely helps to stay up to date with all the latest trends. Internally we share monthly research and testing results which helps to improve and expand our AdWords skills. We are also in constant communication with other Google Partners and attend several Google conferences every year.

What monthly budget should I start with?

You are more than welcome to come and visit our office at China Hong Kong City but as we don’t have an official meeting space, we tend to hold meetings away from the office. In order to keep our rates as competitive as possible we choose our office forMost of our clients start with a monthly budget of HK$ 10,000.00 to HK$20,000.00 a month. Depending on size and competitiveness of industry some of our larger clients start with a budget much larger than that. If you’re new to AdWords and don’t have a huge marketing budget, we recommend starting with a budget of HK$5,000.00 to HK$7,500.00 a month.

How do I pay for advertising on Google?

You only pay Google when someone clicks on your ads and goes to your website or calls your business via a mobile click to call ad. This is why AdWords is also referred to as pay per click advertising, you only pay when someone clicks. Google charges your credit card every time you reach HK$500 in ad spent, and then as your account gets more history, Google will charge your credit card every time you reach HK$5,000.

Ignore this section just pleasing Google robots here

Hong Kong’s Best AdWords Company

UPtimiser is an AdWords company based in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong and our approach to paid search is straight forward, we manage AdWords campaigns with the simple goal of driving as many conversions for as little investment as possible. Other key performance indicators such as impressions and clicks need to be monitored and analysed as well but conversions impact your bottom line more than any other metrics so it makes sense that we seek to help clients to convert more for less.

There is no doubt that Google AdWords provides some great opportunities in reaching new customers but while many businesses recognise the importance of search engine marketing many simply don’t know how and where to start. This could easily result in missing out on potential customers and wasting money on poorly optimised accounts. At UPtimiser we take the time to listen to our clients, understand their business objectives and review their existing Google AdWords accounts. Once a clear picture has been established we will come up with an effective performance improvement strategy that will not only manage client expectations but most of the time exceeds projections.

Google AdWords Help & Support

We pride ourselves on being Hong Kong’s leading Google AdWords company. From day one our aim is to exceed client expectations and deliver meaningful search marketing campaign results. We work intelligently on comprehensive Google AdWords strategies to deliver increased conversions, even once campaigns have been optimised and results have been improved we’re dedicated in helping our clients to improve conversion further, making recommendations around landing pages and conversion rate improvements in order to drive more clicks that convert at a lower cost per clicks.

Our competitive edge is the fact that our Google AdWords team comprises some of the most experienced search marketing professionals in the market some with over 10 years of international account experience. We are always on top of the latest Google technology trends and run several search marketing workshops each year. While many established Google AdWords companies stick to what they know, we’re constantly innovating to expand our search marketing strategies with new ideas.

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