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Everyone at UPtimiser is passionate about Pay-Per-Click advertising and dedicated in helping clients to drive more clicks, optimise costs and increase sales. To achieve this,we continuously analyse and optimise client bid accounts making us the most competitive paid search agency in Hong Kong.

We offer clients tailor-made paid search solutions built around clear defined business goals and expectations. Instead of using an off the shelf formula, we’ll take the time to fully understand our client’s business and develop comprehensive and personalised Pay-Per-Click advertising strategies in Hong Kong and beyond.

What is PPC and why do I need it?

Paid Search, or pay-per-click advertising, basically boils down to paying for visitors to your website rather than “earning” those clicks organically. So every time your PPC ads are clicked on, it will send users to whichever landing page they are linked to, which connects to your search engine ad account who will then be charged a small click fee.

Simplistically speaking, Paid Search has the potential for a great return on investment, but it comes with time and optimisation. Let’s say you spend $5 for one click on an ad. It might seem a bit pricey paying for something so minuscule. What happens when that click yields a $500 sale? You’re looking at a 9,900 percent return on your investment, which is giving you a great investment especially when you require more leads.

Creating a winning paid search strategy takes time and solid bid management expertise. This includes researching and selecting the right keywords, organizing those keywords into well-organized keyword campaigns & ad groups, and setting up dedicated landing pages optimized for maximum conversions. As an added benefit, search engines such as Google reward advertisers who can create relevant, intelligently crafted ad campaigns by charging them less for clicks.

However, utilizing PPC doesn’t mean you need to abandon other online marketing strategies. Quite the contrary. A Paid Search strategy should be working holistically with other channels such as SEO and Paid Social.

It’s all about ROI

Best practice Pay-Per-Click advertising, whether desktop or mobile, remains one of the key digital marketing channels of any business. It’s the foundation on which many campaigns are built are the foundation for generating traffic, leads and sales.

At UPtimiser, we’re experts in every aspect of Paid Search, from pure AdWords to Google Shopping. And as Paid Search evolves and develops further, we change with it.

As a company founded on results we believe in the ROI principle. That’s why you can be sure that every dollar spend on your behalf will be treated as if it’s our own.

We like to think our approach to Paid Search is one step further, too. Using advanced data analytics and continues campaign testings, we’re able to deliver the right ad messaging to potential customers, in the right place, for the best price, at the right time.



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CAP uses high impact and conversion focused mobile advertising with mobile specific ad copy messaging for maximum engagement. Our mobile ad campaigns generate not only clicks but also conversions.

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