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Our Goolge SERP Snippet simulator tool simulates customized Google search engine result page (SERPs) listings. Simply fill out below form by entering your preferred title tag, meta description and domain URL and our tool will generate a Google result listing based on your customized input. Preview listings and optimise snippets for higher click-through rates and optimal length.

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About the Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool

Our Google SERP snippet optimisation tool allows users to construct organic search engine result listings. By adding customized title tags, meta descriptions and domain URL’s users are able to preview and optimise listing snippets to maximise click-through rates (CTR) and develop eye-catching listings. By optimising any given Google organic search result listing, websites can increase organic search engine traffic for targeted keywords even with little to no ranking improvements. This approach is especially useful in scenarios where there are simply too many competitor websites outranking a specific site and chances are minimal to outrank those sites for targeted keywords. Optimising your Google organic search listing provides a great opportunity to make your sites stand out in the SERPs and capture more organic search traffic.  

Parts of a Google Snippet
Below you can find a detailed explanation of all the elements that can be found in a basic Google organic search result listing.


Google shows up to 70 characters (including spaces) of a listing’s title tag.

If a page title tag exceeds 70 characters, Google will show as many entire words as it can the rest are replaced with an ellipsis (…).

Snippet (Meta Description)

Google shows up to 156 characters (including spaces) of a listing’s meta description tag.

If a page’s meta description exceeds 156 characters, Google will show as many entire words as it can, and the rest are replaced with an ellipsis (…).

If the web page includes a published-on date, Google may include that date as part of the listing (rich snippet). In these cases, the date counts as part of the 156 characters.

To make sure your web page listing snippet can fit a published-on date and the entire meta description (without getting cut off by the ellipsis), keep your meta description shorter than 139 characters (or 140 characters, if the published-on date is from a single-digit day of the month).

Rich Snippet

Google shows rich snippet text for some types of pages and data, for example: reviews, people, businesses, and events.

For information about rich snippets and micro formats, see Google’s help page on rich snippets.


For sites with a clear information hierarchy, Google may show breadcrumb links in the search results.

This snippet tool does not currently support any advanced URL features. These may be added in future releases.

This Google SERP snippet simulator tool and the content on this page and website are not affiliated with Google nor endorsed by Google. The Google logo and any other trademarks owned by Google contained herein are used for educational/non-commercial purposes only. We have made every effort to replicate the appearance of Google’s search results as accurately as possible, however the information on this website is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied.

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