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Free SEO Site Audit

If you want to improve your online presence all you have to do is run our FREE site performance analysis.
Our report will provide you with an overview of all relevant components and errors you need to fix
in order increase your organic search rankings and traffic.

Takes a few seconds. Instant performance results.

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In-depth SEO Site Audit

Google’s algorithm relies on over 200 ranking factors to assess the relevance and authority of a website. With our free site audit you’ll be able to identify critical performance errors that might affect your websites rankings& user engagement performance.

We’ve also added recommendations for each analysed section to help you improve relevant components.

Simply do it yourself

If you manage your own site and want to get your hands dirty simply check the
recommendations tab on each analysed section to see how you can improve and
optimise relevant components. Should you require help in making the relevant updates
you can always get in touch with us. Simply check out our competitive pricing options
below, we are just a click away.

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Download & share your SEO report

You can also download the report as PDF (takes less than 10 seconds), save it for later and share it with respective stakeholders. The perfect way to save all your audit insights.

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UPtimiser Free Website Audit Tool

Getting your website to the top of Google SERPS without proper SEO is more difficult than ever. There are over 200 ranking factors that Googles algorithm use to determine the relevance and authority of any site it ranks in its index.

Our free website audit tool scans and analyse over 100 relevant data points and calculates an overall performance score for any given website. Furthermore our reports provide clear and actionable recommendations and instructions for updates you can make to improve your sites SEO. Our tool is ideal for small business owners, professionals, webmasters and digital marketing agencies who need to upgrade their SEO game.

The fastest SEO tool in the market

Our tool is the fastest in the market through a number of loading features, JavaScript rendering and site component analysis.

Additionally UPtimiser provides a range of SEO and digital marketing services as well as free tools such as a SERP simulator tool which all are geared to help you optimise your website and bring in more conversions.

You can also check out some of our market research pages and case studies to stay on the top of digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the free Audit tool?

Enter your domains URL and click “Yes Please”. UPtimiser will scan your URL and provide an overview of your websites performance for relevant components.

What does the scores mean in the audits report?

Each score provides an overview of the sites performance in each specific section. The score is calculated based on a combination of ranking factors including errors, over-optimisation tactics and page loading speed.

How does a low score affect my sites Google rankings?

Google scans your site to determine its authority and relevance so optimising your site based on our audit recommendations is the best way to increase your sites organic rankings, traffic and user engagement. You can also audit your competitor websites to find optimisation opportunities.

Can UPtimiser help me fix performance errors?

Yes, simply WhatsApp us to discuss details or sign up for one of our competitive SEO plans.

How many SEO reports can I run?

You can run as many reports as you like.

What to do with the results of the SEO audit?

You can use identified performance errors and recommendations to make necessary updates and optimise your site to increase rankings, traffic & user-engagement.

How can I see the impact of fixed errors?

It takes time for Google to revaluate your sites relevance and authority. Best to keep track of ranking and impression improvements in Google Search Console and analytics.

My competitors website seems to have a lot of SEO errors. Why is it ranking so high?

There are simply to many rankings factors to determine this without an in-depth analysis. Your competitors website could be more relevant or hold a higher authority.

The best tool for small business owners & SEO professionals

Or anyone that needs to upgrade their SEO

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Time-saving – Identify critical performance errors in the matter of seconds. Save yourself from hours of manual analysis.

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Download Your Report – Simply download your report as PDF and share with your team.

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Increase Your Performance – Identify critical performance errors in seconds and update based on provided recommendations.

What People Are Saying

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John Wong

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Great tool and super easy to use.

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Kim Yu

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I didn’t know my page loading speed was so slow. Thanks to UPtimiser my site loads lighting fast.

brien daniels - Free SEO Audit Tool

Brien Daniels

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With the free SEO audit I quickly identified critical on-site issues on my website.

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Takes a few seconds. Instant performance results.

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