Most of my business is from a limited number of repeat customersI get a lot of repeat business but I look to new customers for growthI like repeat business but without new customers every month I wouldn’t make enough to keep the doors openAlmost all of my customers are new, one and done events
    I don’t have a clueI've read about it and/or have limited experience (I've tried it a few times)I feel comfortable working on the platform(s)A digital marketing agency could learn a lot from me!
    Yes. We track conversions, leads and sales in Google AnalyticsOur Google Analytics account only shows us traffic dataWe havent setup Google Analytics yet
    We have someone dedicated and leading up our SEO effortsWe work on improving our SEO when we have time but no one is dedicated to itWe havent done much to increase our Google rankings
    Yes we currently run Google adsNo but we used toWe havent tested any type of paid ads

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    Amir Nada

    UPtimiser Founder

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