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With more than 20 years of experience in providing motorhomes for hire, Let’s Go Motorhomes have not only developed a strong network across Australia but a great understanding of campervan rental needs of holidaymakers.

This year, the company had completed the rebranding of its premium motorhome rental company Around Australia Motorhomes, launching it into the Australian market as Let’s Go Motorhomes. The brand focuses on appealing to a new generation of campervan travellers and those who appreciate the implementation of new technologies.

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We needed to start making some serious noise for Let’s Go Motorhomes.

Our mission was simple: use the exciting launch of the new brand to drive awareness.

The real challenge was to make sure we were being as effective as possible – how could we guarantee that Let’s Go Motorhomes would resonate with its target audience, whilst not wasting spend on holidaymakers who weren’t in the market for campervan travel in Australia?

We needed to get the campaign in front of as many campervan holiday makers as possible on a limited budget. This meant that we needed put a lot of emphasis on the WHO and the HOW to engage with the target audience.


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In preparation for our Video and Display campaigns, we augmented Let’s Go Motorhomes own research with a multitude of audience data from Google Analytics. By combining it with demographics and affinity interest category data we were able to define very specific audiences and fine tune our messaging.

Our research team also interrogated the online behaviour of the identified audience segments by leveraging Global Web Index – a cutting edge digital consumer insights tool, to build up an incredibly detailed landscape of our target audience, mapping out their online behaviour.

With the blueprints of our target audiences in hand, we set about building multiple hyper-granular campaigns across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Google Display Network.

Once all target audiences and channels were identified we redesigned and updated the website making sure campaign messaging was consistent from start to finish and highly engaged site visitors were identified and then retargeted with more detailed video content.

Finally, remarketing was taken even further by using these lists of people across multiple channels – from YouTube, to Display to Facebook.

Success? We think so.

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“The fine-tuned approach to audience targeting has brought great results with incredible engagement rates, which smashed all industry benchmarks.”

Impressions on

1.1m video views – resulting in 11 month of Let’s Go Motorhomes video content being watched!

of All Video Views

Which drove over 7,000 highly qualified and engaged users, working out at a cost of just $0.01 per view!

Earned Views

The impact wasn’t just limited to paid! Newsletter subscribers, extra Likes and Shares a-plenty!

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