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Air Charter Service mission is to deliver travel experiences beyond expectations. With an international network of 25 offices spanning over 6 continents and over 23,000 charter flights organized every year Air Charter Service is one of the leading global aircraft charter providers. Their commitment to customer service is the bedrock of their business.

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Air Charter Service approached UPtimiser looking to increase their organic footprint. Historically they had been heavily reliant on Google Ads to drive traffic and leads. They needed acquisition focused SEO strategy and some tactical assistance if they were to get more visibility in a fiercely competitive industry.

  • Air charter travel is a very competitive space where the competition is willing to allocate big budgets
  • Historically Air Charter Service put little emphasis on SEO and were heavily reliant on Google Ads to drive website leads.
  • Generic content pages do not serve search demand and intent
  • Lack of deep linking to relevant destination pages


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Air Charter Service have a distinct audience, with their services targeted to an affluent and older demographic, however there is always value in thorough audience analysis.

An in-depth audience analysis using Google Analytics and Global Web Index provided us with a range of audience attributes, many of which helped to reinforce our initial position but also helped to discover and expand on our strategy.

In order to understand audience, demand within air charter travel, we then researched and categories over 5,000 relevant search queries to give us a good understanding of the sites organic search visibility vs key competitors additionally we bench marked the sites traffic using an industry standard click through rate model to estimate organic search traffic for ranking keywords.

We then reviewed the entire infrastructure of the website including page loading speed and mobile. By using a technical SEO checklist, we identified several issues that required immediate attention if we were to meet our time sensitive project objectives. We reworked the entire navigation including a lead focused approach for mobile.

We also developed destination landing pages, updated respective meta data based on relevant search demand insights and added relevant deep links to the most crucial pages. We put together a road-map for on-going outreach activities as well as a content calendar for the sites blog.

Last but not least we looked at ‘answer box’ SERP opportunities for the site to appear for related search queries and successfully attained 40+ variations.

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“The project objective here was not only to understand market search demand but to make the site top resource for it.”

Increased Visibility on Non-
Branded Destination

Also achieved a 424% increase in Organic Traffic YoY

Increase in Online

Plus a 92% Increase in Revenue from Online Charter Requests YoY

Increase in Request Form
Conversation Rate

Including 926 target keywords moved onto Google page 1

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