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Whether you’re starting your digital marketing from scratch or looking to expand your online presence it’s essential that each and every channel of any internet marketing plan are closely aligned and all strategically working towards the same outcome.

Take a look at the various services we offer to learn how UPtimiser’s unique approach to digital marketing can help your business. If you would like to chat to us directly, simply give us a call or get in touch via email.


SEO Organic Search

Unlike Pay-Per-Click advertising, SEO can’t be bought. But it can be earned. At UPtimiser we believe rich and sustainable SEO is holistic, consisting of strong technical foundation know-how and algorithm expertise, understanding data driven keyword &search queries, considering conversion metrics and split testings, developing engaging and shareable content as well as outreach and PR for maximum brand visibility.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Channels keep evolving continuously especially video and mobile have gone supersonic in the last couple of years. Users spend ever more time on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and it’s here where businesses need to advertise their products and services.

Paid Search (PPC)

Paid Search or Pay-Per-Click advertising remains one of the key pillars of any digital marketing strategy. Whatever users are searching for and on whatever device, our Paid Search experts drive clicks & leads via Google, Bing or even Baidu’s advertising networks at the optimal price.

CRO & Personalisation

The look and feel of any website has a dramatic effect on how users engage and convert on it so it’s only logical that conversion rate optimisation and personalisation are a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy. At UPtimiser, we help clients in creating the best site structure and customer experience through A/B testing and heat mapping.

Website Design & Development

At UPtimiser we believe it’s better to be great at one thing rather than good at a lot of things so we only develop WordPress based websites that dominate the online space. Considering conversion and organic ranking implications we balance aesthetics and functionality when designing effective, lead generating and mobile responsive websites.

Content Marketing

With more than 30 million pieces of content being shared daily on the web it is becoming increasingly difficult to get effective exposure. By creating authentic and data-driven content, tailored to your user’s interest, you can not only amplify your brand message but also increase your organic search visibility and support your overall digital marketing strategy.

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Clients we have helped get results.

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Elite Personal Fitness

Elite Personal Fitness are highly passionate about the fitness industry. Their challenge, however, was reaching new customers and harvesting leads. We quickly identified opportunities for user growth. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy was crafted including SEO, Paid Search and Social and in the space of just 6-month, traffic has skyrocket with an increase of 866% year on year which translated to a92% increase in membership sign-ups.

Increase in website visitors
Increase in monthly sign-ups
Increase in online revenue


Pet Supermarket

Our client Pet Supermarket an e-commerce store specialising in pet products, wanted to better compete on Google’s first page for organic and drive more sales to its website. Utilising targeted SEO tactics that included on-siteoptimisation and providing additional landing pages for their website, we were able to increase rankings for several high volume search queries. This resulted in a significant boost in website visits and sales.

Increase in website visitors
Increase in first page rankings
Increase in website sales


Delicious Kitchen

Following on from a competitor analysis, we recommended an outreach program, to improve Google local rankings for a set of identified high volume generic keywords. Delicious Kitchen’s business profile has seen a huge visitor increase which translated into more phone calls and reservations.

Increase in phone calls
Increase in local rankings


Pet Supermarket

Our client Pet Supermarket an e-commerce store specialising in pet products, wanted to better compete on Google’s first page for organic and drive more sales to its website. Utilising targeted SEO tactics that included on-siteoptimisation and providing additional landing pages for their website, we were able to increase rankings for several high volume search queries. This resulted in a significant boost in website visits and sales.

Increase in website visitors
Increase in first page rankings
Increase in website sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a digital marketing agency?

If you want to promote and sell your products or services more effectively online, working with a digital marketing agency is essential for short and long-term business success. Partnering with the right agency means you can maximize your growth potential while at the same time having the flexibility on how to spend your marketing budget.

What types of businesses do we work with?

We work with different types of businesses, from small and midsize businesses such as lawyers, IT companies and start-up’s to multinational brands such as banks and travel companies. Working with clients from different industries helps us to get a better understanding of their business models and what unique role digital marketing plays for each one of them.

How much do we charge?

All our campaigns and projects are completely bespoke based on client requirements so exact figures can only be provided once an initial strategy has been developed. Most client budgets rang from HK$8,000.00 to HK$50,000.00 depending on scope and level of service. Budgets can easily be adjusted based on business or strategy updates.

What are our payment terms?

For all our retainer clients we invoice monthly with a 30-day payment window. For biddable media campaigns such as Adwords or Facebook Ads we do require media budgets to be fully covered upfront by our clients. For all web development projects, we do require an upfront payment of 50%. For new clients who require short-term project work we invoice with a 14-day payment window.

Do you have minimum lengths contracts?

While we do prefer longer client commitments, as it helps us with strategic planning and resourcing (we can use certain tactics that may require a couple of month to get implement but will provide more impactful results) we understand that some businesses require a certain level of flexibilitythat’s why we are also happy to work on a short-term and monthly basis.

How will I be able to contact you?

We are a little different to other agencies in that the people who you work with and communicate are the same people actually doing the work. All our clients have our direct contact details, including phone number, WhatsApp and email. Based on agreement we can arrange regular calls and visits to make sure you are always up-to-date with work in progress.

How do I know what you'll be working on?

At UPtimiser, we believe in keeping an open line of communication with our clients that’s why we usually recommend to set-up task-management tool to provide our clients with full transparency. Regardless we’ll send performance reportson a monthly basis outlining developments as well as completed tasks and upcoming work.

Do we stop work as soon as budgets are used up?

We are passionate about digital marketing and always try to exceed client expectations. Sometimes we might get carried away and do some additional work for our clients which is great news as we would never charge extra for this. But we also might be at a critical point of a project where we may transfer time from a future month or ask clients to add additional budget.

Can we come and see your office?

UPtimiser is a 100% remote digital marketing agency. To work with the most talented specialist in the market and to provide our clients with the most competitive rates we have decided to shift our operational model to remote only which means we hold most our meetings via call, skype or hangout. At our core, we aim to be the best partners for our clients so if a face to face meeting is requested we always try accommodate.

What qualifications do you hold?

Our team hold some of the most credible and relevant digital marketing certifications in the market. We are Google Analytics and AdWords qualified, as well as Facebook Ad and HubSpot Inbound Marketing certified. Furthermore, our management team hold bachelor degrees in business management and marketing communication.

Hong Kong’s Leading Online Marketing Company

UPtimiser is a Hong Kong-based performance driven online marketing and SEO services company. Our office is based in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. At UPtimiser we utilise our in-depth channel expertise and experience of SEM, SEO, Social and Content Marketing to help businesses grow their online traffic and sales. We work with clients from all different types of industries, from small businesses to famous international brands.

At UPtimiser we believe ourselves to be the leading performance marketing and SEO agency in Hong Kong which offers one of the most competitive rates of any of the top tier agencies. Since day one, our promise has always been to be the most trusted client partner who provides transparent and results oriented online marketing services to an industry that has built itself a reputation for wildly under-delivering and over-promising impossible results. Our team of experienced digital marketing consultants are consistently delivering great results, providing education and guidance for our long list of satisfied clients.

Hard data is our foundation to establish clear campaign and project objectives. We monitor developments and report on progress with meaningful insights and statistics which has gained us a reputation for being one of Hong Kong’s leading digital marketing and SEO agencies. Our team of digital marketing experts are some of the brightest professionals in the market and are considered to be industry thought leaders. From day one your UPtimiser account manager will guide and advice you on best possible strategies & recommendations for maximal online success.

Delivering innovative online marketing solutions which provide sustainable growth for our clients does not come easily. It takes the right set of people with channel expertise, meticulous planning, out of the box thinking, curiosity and an absolute will to finish any project until its completed. What’s more, at UPtimiser we are 100% committed to our community. We understand our responsibility toward the environment and support charities with discounted or free support and online marketing services.

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